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Mount Westmore Drops NFT Album

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The Hip Hop collective released their first album “BAD MFs” on Galaverse, the metaverse created by Gala Music. The NFT collection that goes together with the album was created by the Berry Boys, whose creative achievements landed them a spot at this year’s Cannes Lions Young Directors Showcase.

Moreover, the Berry Boys managed to create the 15 NFTs included in the BAD MFs collection in just three weeks. The NFTs include animated graphics ranging from the legendary rappers wearing a shiny throne and some enormous chains to subwoofers blasting loud music while Too $hort and Ice Cube are counting money in the corner.

Ryan Burnham, half of the Berry Boys collective, was excited about the collaboration: “The opportunity to work so closely with Hip Hop’s biggest stars has been incredibly rewarding and we can’t wait to take our partnership with Gala Music even further.”

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